Solar PV Cleaning

Solar Panel cleaning is essential to ensure you get the most out of your Solar PV technology. Dirt, grime, leaves and bird droppings all affect the amount of sunlight captured by your solar panels, and therefore decrease the amount of energy generated for your home or business. 

Thankfully in Ireland we have steady rainfall which can help with dust particles and light leaves, but mould, bird droppings and hardened debris will reduce your energy generation by up to 10%. Annual cleaning will maintain your solar panels to maximum energy efficiency and ensure you get your return on investment. 

Solar PV Panels are generally installed on the roofs of homes, and at a tilt position. This position works to your advantage when it rains, and the rainfall washes away some light dust and dirt. Depending on your location, and the proximity of trees, you can experience a lot of leaves and algi lodge on your panels, creating a shaded area where sunlight is blocked. 

Bird droppings are detrimental to Solar PV Panels as they not only affect sunlight entering the panels, but can also affect the power going to the inverter, which can stop showing current flow. 

The same applies for commercial panels as it does for residential, with the only difference being the size and often location of the panels. Solar PV panels on commercial premises are mixed between roof mounted panels, which can be flat or angled, or on the grounds of the premises. Flat roof panels need more cleaning as rainfall can pool and create muddy residue on the surface and in corners. 

Commercial panels tend to be larger in size and quantity of panels, and generate at least 50% of all electricity consumed. Cleaning is important to ensure you are getting the most of your financial investment.

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