We believe in what we do and believe it is important to understand the process of converting to renewable energy. This is why we chose to build our house with all of our products as a working example of what is possible.We are so passionate about the products we provide, and we wanted to create our home to show the confidence in the products we provide. 

We now have first-hand experience of how the products work. We believe our home is one of the first carbon neutral A Rated houses in Cavan of its era built back in 2008.

  • Therminator Wood Pellet Boiler
  • Wood pellet stove
  • Solar Thermal 
  • Mechanical Ventilation System 
  • 6 KW Proven Wind turbine
  • From the installation of our 6KW Proven Wind Turbine, we signed up to a partnership with ESB for 5 years which consisted of feeding excess energy created by our turbine back into the grid.
  • This resulted in credit notes being supplied to us by the ESB and reduced our ESB utility bills down to one a year.
  • After 5 years we went out on our own and the house is almost self-sufficient as Micheal was able to interlink the power from the turbine into the buffer tank in the garage to help offset the energy that we were originally getting paid for by the ESB.

DHW heating energy supply: 4,30 MWh

Space-heating energy supply: 27,00 MWh

Solar contribution to DHW: 2.655,32 kWh

Solar contribution to heating: 549,28 kWh

Energy from auxiliary heating: 28,5 MWh

Wood pellets savings: 871,5 kg

DHW solar fraction: 57,0 %

Heating solar fraction: 2,0 %

Total solar fraction: 10,1 %

Fractional energy savings (DIN CEN/TS 12977-2): 10,7 %

System efficiency: 18,2 %

We work with homeowners, farmers and all types of businesses to ensure our clients save MONEY, save ENERGY and reduce their reliance of fossil fuels.

By changing to Renewable Energy Technologies for your energy requirements, you will reduce your CO2 emissions, increase your energy efficiency and in doing this promote a positive green image which in turn is helping our environment.

The job was completed by Hybrid Energy Group Ltd, PV Accredited Installer.