Led Lighting

LED Lighting – the smartest, most energy efficient solution for your home, business and community.

It can be as simple as a change of bulbs in your home, or a whole lighting overhaul for your business or community organisation.

We are leaders in the Petrol Station Lighting program, where we have transformed a number of petrol stations into branded landmarks and welcoming spaces inviting drivers to rest, relax and refresh.  Our canopy lighting solutions deliver high vertical lighting levels, increasing customers’ sense of safety and comfort which, in turn, drives brand loyalty.

A switch to LED canopy lighting can save up to 90% energy compared to conventional solutions. Optimize savings even further by adding smart energy management systems that allow light levels optimization and maintenance planning.

Bright and clear canopy lighting increases a sense of safety and comfort that can make the difference between “let’s drive on to the next one” to “let’s stop here”.

Benefits of switching from your old traditional lighting solutions to LED Lighting:

  • LED Light lifespan – 2-4 times longer lifespan
  • Energy Efficiency – LED’s consume very low amounts of power
  • Improved Safety – As LED’s consume less power they can operate on low voltage electrical systems
  • LED’s produce virtually zero UV Emissions
  • LED Lights are environmentally safe

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