Wood Pellet Stove Service

Wood pellet stoves are the cleanest solid fuel heating systems available on the domestic market. These stoves are not too different to regular wood burning stoves, both needing annual servicing to perform effectively, and to emit the most heat possible. 

When installing a wood pellet stove in a home, we advise all homeowners to clean the stoves firebox, brazier, and glass weekly, with annual servicing for the heavy jobs that are completed by certified professionals. 

We specialise in Extraflame and MCZ Wood Pellet Stoves.

Wood Pellet Stove Maintenance

Annual wood pellet stove maintenance is important to ensure your stove works effectively, and to prevent any damage that may occur as years go by.  

  • Keeps your stove working effectively: If ashes and pellets build up in your stove, it’s performance will reduce over time. You risk damaging your heating equipment, while also losing temperature control, airflow and the ability to light your stove. We get regular winter callouts when stoves fail to light due to build up, and failure to service. 
  • Ensure safety at all times: That buildup of ash can become dangerous if you don’t conduct annual maintenance. Creosote, a chemical that results when you burn wood or other fuel, can build up as you use your stove. It’s dangerous to breathe in and also presents a fire hazard, so servicing it is a must. During a service we check all equipment, clean all areas and ensure smoke emissions are leaving the stove correctly.
  • Longevity of your stove: Look after your investment, and ensure it lasts for many years. As you service your stove, you’ll remove any rust or buildup that could cause components to break or stop working. You’ll also notice if any parts need to be repaired or replaced to keep the entire system functioning. After an annual service, you will notice a clear distinction in heat emitted from the stove. 
  • Full clean of the flue and pellet hopper
  • Check the tightness of all seals
  • Full clean and removal of residue from inside the stove (feed screw, fan, turbulators)
  • Check all electromechanical components

All the above is carried out by a certified, experienced engineer. 

Extra costs for labour and parts may apply.

Don’t wait until your stove stops working to get it checked, annual servicing will make your stove last longer, while ensuring you get the most heat from it.

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