Energy Audits / Reports

An Energy Audit is carried out to determine how energy is being used and where it is being wasted.

BER stands for Building Energy Rating, this is an energy label for a house or any building. This is based on the overall efficiency of a building and the scale is from A1 (the best) to G (the worst). A1 rated homes will be the most energy-efficient and tend to have the lowest bills.

It is assessed on how much energy it takes to heat a home, how efficient the heating is, the water heating, the ventilation and lighting. This will come with an advisory report.

The report will indicate areas where you can improve the efficiency of the home, such as a new boiler, wall + attic insulation, upgrading windows and instaling a stove is twice as efficient as an open fireplace.

What does a BER Assessment involve

A BER Cert helps you to understand the energy efficiency of your home or building. It is a good indicator of how much you will spend and how much carbon you will produce to heat your home to a comfortable level. A BER certs rates your home/building on a scale between A and G. A rated homes are the most energy efficient while G rated are the least energy efficient.

Why do I need a BER Assessment if I install Solar PV on my home?

If you have got Solar PV installed in your home you will need to get a BER Assessor to carry out a BER Assessment or upgrade your BER Certificate on your home because you have made a change to the U Value of your home. This is done after the Solar PV installation is complete.

Why do I need a BER Assessment if I am retrofitting my home?

You will need to get a BER Assessor to carry out a Technical Assessment on your home for what it is at this moment in time. The technical assessment will advise you on what you need to do to get your house heat pump ready. You can avail of an SEAI Grant to the value of €200.00 towards this assessment.


Send this report to Hybrid Energy Group and we can carry out the design and ensure you a piece of mind in sustaining an energy efficient property compliant with Part L regulations, ensuring lower energy bills and most importantly that extra comfort every home needs.


You can send your information and reports to and a member of the team will be happy to help.