Oil Boiler Maintenance

Oil is a fuel that can be easily contaminated, which can severely affect the system’s efficiency and reliability so regular oil boiler maintenance is recommended.

The boiler works properly and efficiency when it burns the oil cleanly. When the boiler can achieve ‘complete combustion’, the boiler will extract the most energy from the fuel. If the burner, fan, or baffles are dirty and sooted, then ‘incomplete combustion’ will occur, which means not all of the energy from the fuel is transferred to your heating system. This leads to soot building up inside the boiler and reducing the efficiency further.

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oil boiler maintenance

Oil boiler maintenance is important regularly to remain operational. There are a number of preventable issues that can cause damage and/or shut down of the boiler including:

Water can seep into the tank and cause the oil to congeal and clog the nozzles, as well as frozen water and potentially air blocking the oil to the boiler, causing the system to break down.

Mineral deposits can be left behind from the kerosene oil and can build up quickly and erode the burner, allowing excess oil into the boiler, which will eventually clog the boiler and prevent it from working. This is the main cause of our call outs for broken boilers! 

Soot deposits on the photocells and on the electrode can switch your boiler on and off, or may lead to it not going on at all. Erosion of the electrode will stop the lighting of the boiler, and a sooted photocell cannot detect whether the boiler is lit or not so will switch off at intervals. 


  • Full clean and descale of filters, burner, fan, heat exchanger, baffles
  • Remove and clean turbulators
  • Full clean and check inside boiler (debris, deterioration)
  • Replace oil jet
  • Check and re-balance combustion levels
  • Check system pressure and fix if necessary

All the above is carried out by a certified, experienced engineer. 

Extra costs for labour and parts may apply.

Don’t wait until your boiler stops working to get it checked, annual servicing will make your boiler last longer, while ensuring you get the most heat from it.



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