Solar Thermal

Solar thermal energy is energy collected by the sun and converted into electricity used to heat water.

The amount of water supplied by solar thermal collectors depends on the system size and building hot water demand. Typical well-installed systems provide up to 60% of hot water demand over 12 months. Solar thermal collectors can also meet some portion of space heating demand, although typically this is very small.

We supply Solar Focus flat plat collectors, where the CPC collector is an extremely robust panel which can be installed almost anywhere, in most cases customers choose to install them onto their roof on either the front or back of the house preferably south facing.

Customers can be confident that they will not get damaged when in use so the unique patented construction provide almost double the life expectancy of normal flat plate solar panels.

Because of it unique patented features this collector has the ability to track the suns rays from sun up to sun down and offers customers a product that can be installed almost anywhere and is ideal for the Irish climate.

Benefits of choosing Solar Thermal Panels

  • Reduce your hot water bills
  • Support the climate by reducing your own greenhouse gas emissions
  • Maintenance free, and long life expectancy (40 years minimum)
  • Guaranteed against condensation for 10 years
  • CPC Solar Panels are Proven to make better use of low angle sun, especially in the Irish climate
  • Unlike tubes, flat plate collectors use a robust design that can take serious impacts without damage

Grants Available

The Solar Thermal Collector Grant is now available for homeowners from Sustainable Authority of Ireland (SEAI).

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