• Solar is a clean and safe energy source that converts sunlight into electricity for homes and businesses. It is renewable, cost saving and environmentally friendly.
  • Solar Panels reduce your carbon footprint. Each unit of electricity generated by a Solar PV system reduces the amount of C02 that is emitted from conventional power stations.
  • Solar Panels save you money. Protect yourself from rising electricity bills and energy shortages by Installing Solar PV to your home or business.

SEAI are offering a grant for the Installation of Solar Panels on your home or business. The grant is currently capped at €2,400. In order to qualify for this grant, you must meet the following criteria.

  • €900 per KWp up to 2KWp and €300 for every additional KWp up to 4KWp.
  • As of February 2022, there is no longer a grant for battery add on.
  • Your house must be built and occupied prior to 2021 and not of availed of a grant for Solar PV in the past.

Solar Panels will not eliminate your electricity bill they will however reduce your consumption of the grid.

Solar PV is used to generate electricity and Solar Thermal is used to provide you with domestic hot water.

Yes, you can add Battery Storage once you leave provisions to allow a battery to be added when the system is being Installed. Adding a battery to your Solar PV system means the battery will charge when the PV system is generating electricity which isn’t being used, and then discharge when you need it next (normally in the evening/night). A battery can increase the percentage of Solar PV electricity you use in your house. The battery system can be programmed to charge on cheaper night rate electricity resulting in further savings and lower bills.


Air to water heat pumps take heat from the outside air and transfer it to water-based system. The created heat can be used for space heating or as hot water supply for the house. Air to water heat pumps is among the most efficient air source heat pumps.

SEAI are offering a grant Incentive of up to €6,500 for the Installation of an air to water heat pump.

  • Apartment (Any) €4,500
  • Semi-Detached /End of Terrace/ Detached/ Mid Terrace €6,500

There is also an SEAI incentive of €200 for a technical assessment and €50 for a BER assessment.

To qualify for the air to water heat pump grant your home must be built and occupied prior to 2021and have a heat loss indicator of 2 W/K/m2or or lower.

Both Mitsubishi’s domestic and commercial ranges of heat pumps are designed with quiet operation in mind.

The latest heat pumps can provide domestic hot water for your home and even for commercial buildings with high demands such as university accommodation and leisure centres. The Ecodan QAHV, delivers water at 90oC using either buffer stores or plate heat exchangers. An added benefit of this indirect method of hot water production is that it helps to protect the unit’s PHE from poor water quality and limescale issues.