Commercial Solar PV Installation, Co. Cavan

Michael Fitzpatrick Architects champion sustainability and low energy construction, and decided to enhance their office’s energy efficiency by installing solar panels. 

Reducing their reliance on finite fossil fuels means lowering their carbon emissions, and carbon footprint, as well as reducing their energy bills, and demonstrating the benefits of renewable energy to their clients. 

commercial solar pv

This architecture practise wanted to install solar PV panels to reduce their reliance on the grid, lower energy bills and demonstrate directly how renewable energy can create a sustainable future for buildings in Ireland.

Some of their goals included:

  • Reduce energy bills
  • Reduce reliance on the grid
  • Reduce use of fossil fuels
  • Capacity to generate own energy
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Demonstrate benefits of solar energy to clients

Hybrid Energy Group installed the following: 

  • 28 panel Solar PV System- 14W Trina Solar 


This business now generates its own electricity via the 14kW solar PV system. 

  • 14W Solar PV System will generate approximately 12,047 kWh of energy per annum. 
  • The energy generated via the solar panels will be used to power lighting and electronic equipment primarily.
  • Approximately €2,504 annual energy savings
  • Approximately 5,358kg of carbon saved annually
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint with this sustainable carbon-free energy solution

Michael Fitzpatrick Architects are a leading architectural practice specialising in planning and design, as well as accredited conservation architects. This project was one of our larger projects, with 28 solar panels on the roof of the office, with extensive research and knowledge garnered by the customer, and promoted to their customer base. 

We are delighted to be contractor of choice for renewable energy with Michael Fitzpatrick Architects. 


commercial solar pv
commercial solar pv
commercial solar panels