Texaco Filling Station, Dublin Road, Cavan is a very busy filling station on the outskirts of Cavan town.

Located on a very busy main road customer awareness and safety was of upmost importance to our clients at Texaco.  After an energy assessment and meeting to discuss what it was we needed to achieve here, upgrading the canopy lighting was agreed.

Bright and clear canopy lighting increases a sense of safety and comfort that can make the difference between “let’s drive on to the next one” to “let’s stop here”.

LED Lighting
LED Lighting
  • Saving Energy
  • Better Lux Levels
  • Creating a brighter environment

Our complete lighting solutions transform petrol stations into branded landmarks and welcoming spaces – inviting drivers to rest, relax and refresh.

A switch to LED canopy lighting can save up to 90% energy compared to conventional solutions.

The old inefficient lighting fixtures were replaced with new efficient Philips Mini LED Lighting fixtures on the canopy.

The LED lighting has reduced Texaco lighting bills by 60% per annum and require virtually no maintenance for up to 10 years.

Average annual savings:

Approximately €1500.00 savings on electricity per year

10,000 units of power per annum

The job was completed by M&C Hybrid Energy Ltd, PV Accredited Installer.