Bunnoe childcare is an early childhood centre for children aged 2-5 years. The education facility provides high quality care and learning for children in the Cootehill area of Cavan and surrounding towns. 

Hybrid Energy Group was called when the heating system of the creche stopped working, and with almost 100 children to look after, it was essential to have heating for comfort and care. Once a site survey was carried out, we ordered the Mitsubishi EcoDan heat pump, and additional equipment, and installed and commissioned the system within three days. 

Micheal Smith of Hybrid Energy Group surveyed the heating needs of the creche, and how we could switch to a smart renewable energy heat pump technology that would:

  • Provide an efficient and reliable heating system 
  • Provide low energy bills 
  • Provide low running costs 
  • Future proof the building for decades to come
  • Help Ireland reach our Climate Action Goals for 2030 of installing 400,000 heat pumps

Hybrid Energy Group provided full installation of the building’s heating system using a 8kw Split Unit Mitsubishi Electric EcoDan air-to-water heat pump, with a 200 litre cylinder. 

We supplied and installed radiators also. 

This busy creche now has a smart energy efficient renewable energy heating system, providing low energy bills. They will save approximately 50% on costs, as well as eliminating the need for fossil fuels. 

The installation and commissioning of the new heating system was delivered within 3 days, with full technical support and guidance from Hybrid Energy Group. The staff and children at the creche are really comfortable in their warm facility, with the guarantee of long term efficiency.