We recently worked with a dairy farmer who had concerns about the high level of energy consumption he was using in his farm yard.

Our client called Micheal and arranged for Micheal to call out to do an energy audit on the farm.

Micheal called to do a site visit to access the outhouses and establish how we could help our client to

  • Save on his energy bills. 
  • Save on the running costs of his farm.

Micheal proposed installing a 3kw PV System with a diverter.

The majority of power needed is self-produced. The Solar PV panels convert day time light into electricity.

Our client’s hot water requirements for the farm house will be reduced by approximately 50/60%.

3.3 kW of PV is offsetting about 2900 kwh’s per year.

This job was completed in just two days with no disruption to our client.

Hot Water requirements reduced by 50/60%

Energy Generated from PV:

2,900 units of power per annum

System Size of PV:

3.3 Kw PV Panels

We work with home owners, farmers and all types of businesses to ensure our clients save MONEY, save ENERGY, and reduce their reliance of fossil fuels.

By changing to Renewable Energy Technologies for your energy requirements, you will reduce you CO2 emissions, increase your energy efficiency and in doing this promote a positive green image which in turn is helping our environment.

The job was completed by M&C Hybrid Energy Ltd, PV Accredited Installer.