Bernard has been a customer of Hybrid Energy Group for many years now. He is passionate about green energy and is real advocate for climate change, and renewable energy.

Bernard and his wife Mary built their timber frame house in 1990, insulating all of the interior walls of the house. He works in the wood pellet and biomass sector, installing a wood pellet system to heat the house.

Bernard contacted Hybrid Energy Group Ltd to look at upgrading his wood pellet boiler, and to assess the energy needs of the house. We have worked with him and his family for years, installing renewable energy solutions, while working together to bring awareness to energy efficiency upgrades and climate change in the local community.

Micheal Smith of Hybrid Energy Group worked with Bernard on the needs of his family and home, performing an energy audit and creating a plan of action to:

  • Reduce their energy bills
  • Upgrade heating system
  • Switch to renewable energy solutions 
  • Create a warm and comfortable environment year-round
  • Reduce their carbon footprint
  • Increase the rating of the house

Initially, we replaced his first wood pellet boiler with a Solarfocus wood pellet boiler along with a buffer tank and Solar Thermal system. The customer never used his immersion again, with hot water all year round.

After the couple invested in two electric cars, they wanted to generate their own electricity, so in 2019 we

installed 3.5KW Solar PV panels where the excess heat coming of the panels would be diverted back into the hot water installed 3.5KW Solar PV system where the excess heat coming of the panels would be diverted back into the hot water.

In 2021, Hybrid Energy Group helped Bernard make the switch to a renewable heating system, a 14kw Zubadan Mitsubishi Electric heat pump.

  • Generation of their own electricty and hot water
  • Reducing their electricity bills overall
  • Power created for electricity usage and to heat hot water
  • Elimination of fossil fuels in the home
  • Huge reduction in carbon emissions
  • Electricity bill in September 2021 was €7.36 for a home, and two electric cars.
  • Increase the buildings BER rating and increase property value
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint with this sustainable carbon-free energy solution

Micheal Smith, CEO of M&C Hybrid Energy says Bernard and Mary are both real advocates for renewable energy, and helping the environment, and should be highly commended for their commitment and belief in energy-efficient systems and more importantly making the move and doing their bit in helping Ireland reach the 2030 goals.

€7.36 for a monthly electricity bill speaks for itself, but the savings to the environment will speak for decades to come.

We are delighted to work with such passionate and caring customers.