A domestic retrofit Solar PV installation completed by Hybrid Energy Group in March 2022.

We had a consultation with homeowner Danny regarding the installation of Solar Panels, as he is conscious of the rising price of energy in Ireland, and wanted to reduce their electricity bills, and play their part in helping the environment. Their first step in doing so was to start with Solar PV panels for electricity. 

Micheal called out to the house and inspected the roof of the south facing garage, assessing the structure and suitability, as well as how many panels could be installed and what size system was needed for the home to

  • Save on their energy bills
  • Create a warm and comfortable environment year-round
  • Reduce their carbon footprint
  • Increase the rating of the house

We installed 6.6kW of Trina Solar, Solar PV System, with Van Der Valk Roof Mounting Kit on the south facing garage roof, comprising of 18 panels in total, producing approximately 26.4kWh of energy per day. These smart panels will generate electricity with day light, and do not need direct sunlight to produce free green energy.

The output is just under 27kWh per day, with an average Irish home consuming 12kWh of energy per day. This system should provide free electricity during daylight hours, and later down the line, the homeowner can install battery storage for electricity usage at night time.

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Reduced energy bills
  • Reduced impact on the environment by adding in renewable energy solutions, while reducing their carbon footprint with this sustainable carbon free energy solution.

The homeowner is extremely happy with the installation, and the generation fo free electricity from the day of installation. 

“Michael and the team were great to deal with, very professional and done all that was asked. The installation was very tidy and I’m looking forward to seeing the energy savings we can achieve. I would highly recommend Hybrid Energy Group” Danny Barr