Kelliher’s Electrical is Ireland’s leading electrical wholesaler, serving electrical industry professionals all over Ireland on a daily basis.  With their comprehensive stock profile, reliable delivery, competitive pricing and knowledgeable staff customers always come back again and again.

The decision to have PV installed follows the successful installations of a Solar PV array in Kellihers Cork and Ballymount office buildings.  This reinforces their ongoing commitment to the products they sell in terms of sustainable, renewable and energy efficient solutions.

Solar PV

Micheal Smith of M&C Hybrid Energy Ltd carried out an assessment of Kellihers Electrical building in Dundalk to establish how they could

  • Save on their energy bills
  • Save on the running costs of this busy outlet
  • Reduce their carbon footprint
  • Comply with Part L of the building regulations

Micheal proposed installing a 5kW Trina Solar PV system with a Hybrid Inverter and Battery.

We used 20no PV panels mounted on a trapezoidal roof south facing using the Van der Valk roof mounting system with a BPE Hybrid Inverter and Battery storage.

5KW of PV is offsetting approximately 4300 kwh’s per year.

This job was completed in just two days with no disruption to the business.

4,300 units of power per annum

System Size of PV: 5kw

We work with homeowners, Businesses, Community Schemes, Mushroom Farmers and The Agricultural sector to ensure our clients save MONEY, save ENERGY and reduce their reliance of fossil fuels.

By changing to Renewable Energy Technologies for your energy requirements, you will reduce your CO2 Emissions, increase your energy efficiency and in doing this promote a positive green image which in turn is helping our environment.

The job was completed by M&C Hybrid Energy Ltd, PV Accredited Installer