Renewable Energy Upgrade, Co. Cavan

This homeowner wanted to play their role in helping the environment, and wanted to upgrade their energy efficiency by switching to renewable energy solutions. 

Reducing their reliance on finite fossil fuels means lowering their carbon emissions, and carbon footprint, as well as reducing their energy bills, and future proofing their home with an improved building energy rating (BER) from installing long lasting smart technologies. 

solar pv and heat pump

Micheal Smith of Hybrid Energy Group worked with this homeowner on the needs of the home and its occupants, performing an energy audit and creating a plan of action to:

  • Reduce energy bills
  • Upgrade heating system
  • Switch to renewable energy solutions 
  • Create a warm and comfortable environment year-round
  • Capacity to generate own energy
  • Create an ecosystem where all technologies work together
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Increase the building energy rating of the house

This homeowner wanted to make the switch to renewable energy solutions, and this worked in tandem with their switch to an electric vehicle. 

Hybrid Energy Group installed the following: 

  • 18 panel Solar PV system- 7.2kW Trina Solar with a 6kW Huawei Hybrid Inverter
  • Zappi Electric car charger 
  • 14kW Mitsubishi Electric EcoDan heat pump.


This home has now drastically reduced its reliance on fossil fuels by switching to an air-water heat pump, as well as generating its own electricity via the 7.2kW solar PV system. 

  • 7.2kW Solar PV System will generate approximately 5,500 kWh of energy per annum. An average Irish home uses 4,200 kWh per annum, meaning this homeowner could live completely off-grid. 
  • The energy generated via the solar panels will be used to power the electric vehicle and the heat pump. 
  • Electricity bills will be extremely low
  • Power created for electricity usage and to heat hot water
  • Elimination of fossil fuels in the home
  • Huge reduction in carbon emissions
  • Increase the buildings BER rating and increase property value
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint with this sustainable carbon-free energy solution

Micheal Smith, CEO of Hybrid Energy Group is proud to install multiple technologies that will impact positively on the home and the environment.

This home has the potential to live off-grid with a 7.2kW Solar PV System, and the ability to power the new heat pump, as well as charge their new electric vehicle. 

We are delighted to work with such passionate and caring customers.