Solar PV Systems: Myths uncovered


Solar PV Systems generate electricity from the sun, and garner it for use in your home or business. This free, clean, green energy can be used to help you make dinner, run the shower, and even power your electric vehicle. 

We have been installing Solar PV panels for over 10 years, however many homeowners still don’t understand fully the working of solar panels, so let us clear up some myths:

  • If I switch to solar energy, I need to sacrifice how I use my energy?

Incorrect, solar energy can supply you with all the energy you need, but if not, you are still linked to the grid and can use that for any additional needs.

  •  If I don’t have a battery storage pack then there is no point in installing a Solar PV System at all.

Incorrect, all systems work with or without battery storage systems. We can install the necessary equipment for battery storage in the future.

  • Solar panels will look ugly on my roof, and will devalue my home

Incorrect, a Solar PV System will increase the value of the house by increasing the building energy rating (BER), while providing a constant stream of free energy.

As electricity costs continue to rise, installing Solar PV panels ensures you will lower your energy bills, and never be without electricity. 

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