The Cavan Centre is a voluntary organisation and registered charity funded by the Departments of Children & Youth Affairs, Employment Affairs & Social Protection and Dublin City Council. The organisation is in its 40th year supporting young people and adults that are in any way disadvantaged to expand their personal and social development through outdoor education, experiential learning and training.

Visitors avail of a host of on-site facilities, water activities are carried out on nearby Lough Sheelin and Mullaghameen forest is availed of for hill walking outings.

With accommodation for 70 visitors and an annual throughput of approx. 4,000 people per year, the Centre has busy Catering and Housekeeping operations, an in-house laundry and a high demand for hot water

Micheal first visited Pat and Teresa at The Cavan Centre in 2008 to do a site visit to access the buildings of this busy centre and establish how we could help them to

  • Save on their energy bills
  • Save on the running costs of this facility
  • Have all the running hot water they require every day

In 2015 we were delighted to say we had secured a Better Energy Community Scheme Grant through S.E.A.I for The Cavan Centre.

In July 2015 M&C Hybrid Energy Limited secured a 50% Grant for the centre and all works began in August.

In the main building we installed 100 Firebird Tubes along with two 400 Litre cylinders for kitchens and bathrooms in this building.

In Tiger’s Lodge we installed 60 tubes and two 250 Litre cylinders for showers and bathrooms in this building.  In the Laundry Room we installed 40 tubs and a 400 Litre cylinder to supply hot water for laundry and shower areas.

In the Lodge we installed 40 tubes and a 400 Litre cylinder for hot water preparation for this building.

Also in the main building there was a lighting LED replacement job completed.

On the flat roof leading to the entrance of the Recreation Hall we installed 6 kw of PV (Photovoltiac) to help with their power consumption.

The LED replacement reduced our clients lighting bill by 50% in this building.

Our client’s hot water requirements for the whole centre was reduced by approximately 55/60%.

6 kw of PV is offsetting about 5500 kwh’s per year.

Average Annual Savings:

Approximately 1210.00 euro savings on electricity

LED Lighting savings by 50%

Hot Water requirements reduced by 55/60%

Energy Generated from PV:

5,500 units of power per annum

System Size of PV:

6 kw PV Panel

Micheal just recently called back to service all of the equipment installed.  Four years later and our clients at The Cavan Centre are extremely happy with the whole job.

The job was completed by M&C Hybrid Energy Ltd, PV Accredited Installer